Carter Hargrave Kempo And Jeet Kune Do Master

Carter Hargrave has been an expert Kempo Karate teacher for over twenty three years.

He is the author of three martial arts books / training manuals on the art, the Japanese Kempo Training Manual and Entrance to Secrets Japanese Kempo Karate Training Manual.

Both of the books are designed to offer Kempo students and teachers from any Kempo or Kenpo style the chance to add combat fighting moves designed for real world defense and offense to the system that they are already ranked in. This is like adding building blocks to your martial arts knowledge without having to start over. While the stances of old have been for the most part abandoned in favor of Bruce Lee's principles of body movements and combat, as well as Carter Hargrave's own expertise in combat efficiency, you will not have to start over to benefit from Hargrave's system. 

The system is known as American Combat Kempo Karate and was developed by Carter Hargrave in 1992 for authentic real world self defense.

The first training manual the Japanese Kempo Karate Manual covers American Combat Kempo white belt through first degree black belt.
The second manual Entrance to Secrets Japanese Kempo Karate Manual covers American Combat Kempo second degree black belt through eighth degree black belt.

Carter Hargrave is also the author of the international best seller Jeet Kune Do Training Manual
 JKD Jeet Kune Do Manual